“In Tantra, we know that we are Divine…” - Dr John Mumford


I’m Beth, a Perth-based qualified Tantrika and I’ll be your guide, your friend, your lover, your equal.
Tantra lifts us up from the human kingdom to the kingdom of the divine.
Tantra moves us from a world of dualities to a universe of unity.
Tantra makes us ONE with everything.
Welcome to Tantra One.


Why Try


Tantra is one of the oldest healing modalities in the world

TAN-TRA means to expand and to liberate, to awake the divine within us

Tantric massage introduces real ecstasy into our already overloaded lives

Tantric massage unites the mind, body, and spirit

Tantra will lift your energy and nourish your very essence

Tantra is an ultimately transformative and ecstatic experience



Discover my sensual offerings for men, women, and couples.


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